VCA – Week One – Feb 28th

School has officially started!! I’ve made it through O-Week, singing on the FIRST. DAY. like what?! I got to sing in front of Andrew Byrne, who is basically a celebrity in the musical theatre world! He’s worked with Taylor Louderman, taught Renee Rapp, and worked on the production of Mean Girls the Musical on Broadway. Like, that is absolutely insane!! And I sang a cut of I’d Rather Be Me from Mean Girls, and guess what he said? He goes, “If you were in the room for me for Mean Girls right now, you’d be in the yes pile.” Like WHAT?! That’s literally crazyyyy.

Anyways, I’ve made lots of friends at school, and everyone is so so lovely! It’s just absolutely mind-boggling to me that I get to go and do theatre every day. Like, that is so cool! I also was so fortunate to see &Juliet at the Regent Theatre on Saturday which was utterly incredible!! That show had me smiling ear to ear from the opening to the bows. It addressed such important topics in this day and age as a complete escape from reality. If you get the chance, definitely see it!!

Well. Week 3 in Melbs has been an absolute blast. Lots have happened but more to come. 🙂

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