So. Oh. My God. After miles and miles or kilometres and kilometres of walking around town, Kmart, Ikea *see photo for our mood post Ikea*, and Office Works, I am officially moved into my new apartment/dorm thing. Dude, I’m gonna be honest: this feels so weird. I feel like I’m on vacation for a little bit and I’m going back to Tassie in like a week, but “SIKE” that’s not true.

I’ve got all the essentials: coffee, tea, a rice cooker, and music. I’m set up, thanks to my absolutely wonderful parents who flew over with me. 🙂 I’m booked into the campus, all ready to go and sing/dance! WOO! (that was my valentines day present to myself hehe) It has been an absolutely hectic few days though, grabbing key cards, and LOADS of things. However, I could not be more excited to go to school. Honestly, that is the thing that’s keeping me from freaking out about leaving my family right now. haha! ~you know you’re a theatre kid when you listen to Dear Evan Hansen to calm down~

But yeah, anyways, here’s step one in the VCA journey. Cannot wait.

-marina xx

Dad (post Ikea)

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