Nearing the end of Sem 1- 2nd Year

Well sugar! I’ve finally got my laptop back after a hot sec. I’d been forced to finger-type on my iPad lately, which is fine, but NOT THE BEST I tell you.

Now, if I had told myself I would be rubbing shoulders with some fancy theatre people, I’d say you had lost your wits. However, nearing the end of Semester one of the second year at VCA, I am meeting and performing with all kinds of people. Now, it is not all sunshine and rainbows, even if it does seem like it. Musical theatre is hard, man. I’m currently sitting on my couch in my apartment, icing a sprained ankle with a cheeky glass of Riesling after a day of working at children’s parties. (what a random sentence) I’m supposed to have three assessments this week, two of which are dance assessments, RIP. This is the first weekend I’ll have in the last 13 days.

Now, VCA kids have recently taken a little tour down to Launceston, TAS, one of my favorite places on this earth, performing with some amazing people like Patrice Tipoki, Kerrie Anne Greenland, Des Flanagan, and my VCA family. It was actually quite an interesting experience. Thinking about performing in my “hometown” with some insanely talented people does not seem like something that would happen in my brain, yet here we are.

Another random thing; Kim in Miss Saigon is now a major dream role of mine. The way I have hyper fixated on this show is astronomical. Anyways, I think that’s for future Marina to read later, when she gets really broody and starts reflecting on the meaning of life.

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